A Busy Summer for Voice Study Centre Students

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Our students have had a busy summer presenting their MA research at notable conferences and symposiums.

Now that we’re a few days into autumn, we wanted to reflect on summer 2022 with a list of their achievements.

MA Voice Pedagogy student, Jono McNeil, was selected to present atAOTOS Summer Conference ‘Moving on Together‘ in July.

As well as presenting, Jono hosted a workshop, both informed by research undertaken during his MA Voice Pedagogy journey.


Fernando Zimmermann – Cohort F
Fernando presented Can A Self-Talk Instructional Aid Assist in the Development of Singing Student Self-Efficacy? at PAVA’s Hybrid Symposium in August, read more…

Judith Wodzak – Cohort F
Judith presented Pain, Trauma and The Voice alongside Geneva Mayne at PAVA’s Hybrid Symposium in August, read more…

Anupa Paul – Cohort D
Anupa has been asked to join the newly founded NATS India Chapter, as Secretary read more…

Samyukta Ranganathan – Cohort F
Samyukta presented at PEVoC14 in Estonia last weekend, read more…
She has also been asked to join the newly founded NATS India Chapter, as Treasurer read more…

Abi Mann-Daraz – Cohort F
Last week Abi delivered a singing workshop at STAMMAFest 2022, read more…

Sharon Mari – Alumni
Sharon presented An Investigation Into The Psychological Impact Of A Vocal Injury On The Professional Voice User at PEVoC14 last weekend, read more…

Jenna Brown – Cohort F
Jenna has been appointed as our Practical Publishing group student representative. 

We are very proud of you all!


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