Live Research Methodology Class

Thursday 29th April 2021 11am-1pm

On Thursday 29th April, Voice Workshop will be opening up one of their live classes to the general public for free. This will give you a flavour of the live teaching students receive on our postgraduate programmes and allow you to experience the online nature of our courses.

This live class will be run by Debbie Winter, Director of Studies, and will focus on Research Methodology. It is ideal for anyone seeking an overview of qualitative research methodology and prove as a useful building block for anyone who needs to write a PhD proposal.

This is a key foundational part of the programme, as it underpins the understanding and skills MA students need for their original research.

It will be held from 11am-1pm (UK Time) and we look forward to welcoming you to our class!

The aim of the class is to provide a foundation from which to build your own methodological framework whilst taking into consideration important professional practice issues.

The lecture will cover the following topics:

  1. Paradigm shifts in vocal pedagogy
  2. Practitioner research and professional practice considerations
  3. Methodological Insights
  4. Methods
  5. Analysing and Interpreting data
  6. Validity

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Live Research Methodology Class Thursday 29th April 2021 11am-1pm

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