Voice Geek Conference 2018


Kenneth Bozeman

Our keynote speaker this year is Kenneth Bozeman, Professor of Music, tenor, holds performance degrees from Baylor University and the University of Arizona, and subsequently studied at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich on a Rotary fellowship.

Keynote speech, ‘Correlating Sources: Historic Pedagogy, Voice Science, & Innate Response to Expressive Impulse’


Dr Jenevora Williams

From Ivory Towers to Grass Roots: How Research Informs Practice.


Sara Gourlay

Singing Rehabilitation: The Singer’s Road to Recovery.


Dane Chalfin

Endoscopic Interpretation of Singing Gestures

Voice Geek Conference 2019


Kerry Obert

Kerrie Obert, is a speech language pathologist in Columbus, Ohio (USA) over 20 years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.  Ms. Obert is currently on the faculties of both The Ohio State University Department of Otolaryngology and Capital University Music Conservatory.

‘Open throat, open mind: A matter of perspective in voice science and voice training.’


Dr Jenevora Williams

‘Function or Fancy – which does the brain prefer?


Professor Carolyn McGettigan

‘Flexible Voices – Studying Voice Production Using MRI of the Brain and Vocal Tract.’


Dr Ben McPherson

‘Pop Pastiche as Pure and Plastic Pedagogy.’

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