This is a photo of Prof. Stephen Clift who will be giving a 4 part course on quantitative methods in relation to singing for health nresearch.

4- Part Course - Singing For Health: An Introduction To Quantitative Methods

with Prof. Stephen Clift
Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February 10am-12pm GMT

This event is part of our fundraising series for the Singing for Health Network.

A Singing For Health Network membership is required to attend this course.

This course will introduce central concepts in research design, measurement, sampling, and statistical analysis underpinning quantitative methods in research on singing for health.

We will consider examples of survey methods, observational pre-post studies and controlled trials on singing and health, and the approaches adopted in data gathering and analysis.

Students will be supported in undertaking critical assessments of selected quantitative research studies on singing and health.

We will also work through exercises in the statistical treatment of quantitative data to answer research questions and test hypotheses.


Session 1

The nature of singing and a suggested logic model of singing for health. The need critical appraisal of research studies and the role of evidence reviews. Survey methods in singing for health research. An introduction to random sampling and statistical inference.  Primary and secondary qualities. Levels of measurement and the analysis of categorical data using the chi-squared test.


Session 2

Singing for mental health. Examination of primary qualitative and quantitative studies. Systematic reviews of research on singing and mental wellbeing. Observational pre-test post-test studies. Use of standardized measures that give ordinal data on mental wellbeing and mental distress. Analysis of ordinal data using non-parametric statistical tests.


Session 3

Singing for better breathing.  Examination of primary qualitative and quantitative studies.  Systematic and Cochrane reviews of research on singing and lung disease. Use of objective measures of lung function that give interval/ratio data.  Analysis of objective measurements using parametric tests.


Session 4

Randomised controlled trials on singing and health. Critical appraisal of examples singing for health trials. Issues in the standardization of singing programmes and the nature of control groups.  Use of the CONSORT statement and registration of trials. Statistical analysis and interpretation of trial data. Value of embedded qualitative studies within controlled trials.

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Stephen Clift is Professor Emeritus, Canterbury Christ Church University, and former Director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health.

He is a Professorial Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and is also Visiting Professor in the International Centre for Community Music, York St John University.

Stephen has worked in the field of health promotion and public health for over thirty years, and has made contributions to research, practice and training on HIV/AIDS prevention, sex education, international travel and health and the health promoting school in Europe.

Since 2000 he has pursued research in arts and heath and particularly the potential value of group singing for health and wellbeing.

Stephen was one of the founding editors of the journal Arts & Health: An international journal for research, policy and practice.

He is joint editor with Professor Paul Camic of the Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February 2023
10am-12pm GMT

This course is free for Voice Study Centre's MA/PGCert students and Singing for Health Network members

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This event is part of our fundraising series for the Singing for Health Network.

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