Special Interest Group: Singing For Health and Wellbeing

The Singing for Health and Wellbeing research group aims to foster a sense of a collective movement towards building singing for health literature and to building practice underpinned by evidence and strong theoretical frameworks. It will explore current trends and themes in Singing for Health research along with the limitations and gaps. Researchers, no matter if staff or students, will have opportunities to share their research ideas in a collaborative and supportive group and to identify common areas of interest with other students.



Emily Foulkes, Leader of SIG Singing for Health and Wellbeing



Singing for Health Network – https://www.singingforhealthnetwork.co.uk/



Upcoming events:

Singing and Mental Health – overview of the research – Lunch time lecture Monday 11th October 2021

Singing for Health research conference – ‘Insights and Innovations in Singing for Health Research’ Date TBC (Jan/Feb 2022)

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