Trauma-Informed Voice Professional
(Level 4 Course)

Our next cohort will begin on 31st January 2023.

Our Trauma-Informed Practitioner course is for voice practitioners who are looking to gain an understanding of trauma and how it can influence the choices we make in our working environment. In association with Dr Elisa Monti, a leading specialist on Voice and Trauma, you will explore a wide range of research and develop a trauma sensitive practice.

What level is the course, and what does it mean?

The course is level 4, which is equivalent to the undergraduate level. Level 4 consists of 4 core learning outcomes:

  • Contextualization of knowledge – The course is designed to give you an understanding of trauma within the context of the voice studio
  • Critical Thinking – You will review the existing research, considering the professional boundaries involved with being trauma-informed. You will evaluate ethics and critically assess what trauma-informed practice means for your studio.
  • Praxis and Technique – You will embed the knowledge into your practice and consider how an understanding of the impact of trauma on the individual may shape your practice
  • Research and Communication – You will submit a 2,000-word review illustrating contextual knowledge, critical thinking, boundary awareness, and practice implications.

What kind of award is it?

It is a customized award validated by The Voice Study Centre. It is possible to translate into Masters level credit and use it towards the MA.

How will the course be delivered?

The course is online and delivered via pre-recorded video. You will also be given a selection of reading and detailed guidance on how to write to level 4 standard.

What does the course qualify me to do?

The course constitutes valuable CPD, and the knowledge will facilitate a trauma-sensitive practice. Your role as a voice professional will be enriched. You must remain within your scope of practice as a voice professional, and the qualification does not contain therapeutic content.

Will a tutor be on hand if I need one?

Although the course is designed to be self-sufficient, you may access a tutor if you need one. You may also submit a draft of your essay.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate and a badge for your website

What will the syllabus cover?

  • The definition of trauma
  • The importance of being trauma-informed
  • The meaning of being trauma-informed
  • The incidence of trauma
  • The impact of trauma on our health and life
  • A review of the research into trauma when working with singers
  • What evidence exists on mental health and trauma-related factors specific to singers and voice professionals?
  • How does trauma impact a singer/voice professional who works within the profession or is aiming to work within the profession?
  • The link between trauma and MPA and other stressors such as burn-out and working relationships
  • What are the available methods out there that help singers? Possible referral routes and potential self-efficacy strategies

How can voice professionals and voice users embody a trauma-informed and mental health-informed approach while remaining appropriately within their scope of practice?

Elisa Monti is a voice-specialized psychologist with a PhD from The New School for Social Research in New York.

Her concentration is the relationship between psychological trauma and different measures of voice. Her mission is to contribute our understanding of this relationship.

Elisa collaborates with numerous scholars and scientists, including the Helou Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh.

Elisa is a certified Performance Wellness therapist trained in the Montello Method for Performance Wellness and is certified in Vocal Psychotherapy (trained by Dr. Diane Austin).

Dr. Elisa Monti is the original founder of The Voice and Trauma Research and Connection Group. 

This not-for-profit organisation provides a platform for voice specialists, therapists and researchers to discuss research, practices and advancements within the field.

How long will the course take?

The course will take three months from enrolment to completion.

Enrolment date:

Our next cohort will begin on 31st January 2023.

You will be able to work through the course in your own time with a submission date of April 1st  2023.

Cost: £250 (VAT inc)

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