Special Interest Group: Vocal Health

This research group investigates aspects of vocal health. This may be in relation to the singing classroom, professional voice users, speech and language therapy, head and neck cancer, manual therapy, looking after the voice and the potential ethical quandary that may arise from working in this field.

The group aims are:

•    to offer a platform for new researchers to participate in a research exchange with other likeminded practitioners

•    to develop research skills, such as summarising your own research

•    to engage in useful discussion relating to research shared by peers

•    to encourage, engage and inspire group members

•    to present work within an informal and supportive setting


Current projects include…

Singing and Allergies

Ethical Considerations for Teaching Singing and Caring for Voices



Kate Cubley, Leader of SIG Vocal Health



Current Projects:

The effect of Allergies on singers (LINK)

Ethical boundaries in Voice Practice (LINK)


Past Projects:

Kate, MA module 6



Upcoming events:

Ethics Symposium – 2nd December 2021

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