Vocal Pedagogy Research Resources

On this page, you will find a library of free resources focused on research within the field of Voice Pedagogy (Vocal Pedagogy).


MA Voice Pedagogy Student Research Interviews

Debbie Winter interviews MA Voice Pedagogy student, Abi Mann Daraz about her important research on stammering.

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Infographic Videos

We’ve put together some academic research that explores how singing can promote self care.

To support Mental Health Awareness week we’ve put together a short video that explores how singing can improve mental health and well-being.

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 Studies into singing for people with Alzheimer’s Disease have found improvements in factors such as; verbal fluency, cognition and memory.

This video presents research that supports a positive link between singing and those affected by cancer.

Conferences and Symposiums

Mental Health and Inclusivity Symposium

Staying in Lane: Exploring the Boundary Line Between Teaching Singing and Therapeutic Practice

December 2021

Research Hub November 2021

Exploring the Narrative: Voice Studies and the Literature Review Process

Presented by Debbie Winter

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