Dr Diane Austin, LCAT is the Director of the Music Psychotherapy Center in NYC, NY, where she has maintained a private practice in music and vocal psychotherapy as well as analytically oriented psychotherapy for more than 30 years.

She is an adjunct associate professor at New York University in the graduate music therapy department and is the founder/director of the advanced training program in Vocal Psychotherapy in NYC.

Dr Austin has founded and taught distance training programs in Seoul, Korea, Vancouver, B. C. and most recently developed an international training program in Vocal Psychotherapy in England as well as a training course for future facilitators and trainers.

Dr Austin has lectured in countries throughout the world and has published numerous articles and book chapters on in-depth psychotherapy and the voice.

Her book, “The Theory and Practice of Vocal Psychotherapy: Songs of The Self” was published by Jessica Kingsley and codified her model of music therapy.

During the covid pandemic she gave webinars to Australia, Brazil, Korea, Portugal and Buenos Aires.

Past Short Courses

Introduction To Vocal Psychotherapy
Thursday 8th September 2022
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

Introduction To Vocal Psychotherapy

Dr Diane Austin

Vocal Psychotherapy is a new model of music psychotherapy which uses the breath, natural sounds, songs and vocal improvisation. Vocal Psychotherapy takes place within a client therapist relationship and promotes intrapsychic and interpersonal growth and change.