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Voice Study Centre (formerly Voice Workshop) provides voice pedagogy-based continuing professional development and teacher training for singing teachers, music directors and choral conductors.

Unless stated otherwise, our Online Short Courses are recorded and sent out to all pre-registered participants to watch in their own time.
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Starting in April 2022

This 15 credit module provides a comprehensive insight into the Psychology of the Performer.


Models, Concepts and Methods of Vocal Education
with Dr. Motje Wolf
Thursday 9th December - 1-2pm UK time

This lunchtime lecture will address opportunities for evaluation and self-reflection through offering a systematic overview of vocal pedagogy (based on Wolf 2019).


Online conference – Friday 18th February 2022 9am-4pm UK time
Deadline for submission – by 9am on Monday 3rd January 2022
Early Career Researcher (ECRs), Practitioner Researchers and Postgraduate students are invited to submit an abstract to present their work at this online conference.

This prestigious online conference is a partnership between the Voice Study Centre, the Singing for Health Network, Royal College of Music, York St John’s University, University of Limerick and University College London.


Motor Theory of Articulation: Optimising Efficiency in Diction And Language
with Heidi Moss
Thursday 13th January 2022 at 5-7pm (UK time)

This short course will view our articulator mechanism from the top-down. We will also revisit some historical ideas from linguistics which complement the newer data and further refine our understanding of singing. In addition to the science, practical pedagogical applications will be explored that open the door to simplicity in our view of these processes.


Come along to our informal open day to ask questions about the structure and content of the course and to meet our students who are currently undertaking it.


An Introduction To Complete Vocal Technique In Practice And In Science
With Mathias Aaen
Thursday 20th January 2022 5-7:30pm GMT
& Thursday 27th January 2022 5-6:30pm GMT

The course will provide participants with an introduction to the thinking and science behind Complete Vocal Technique, as well as a deep dive into the overall framework and the CVT vocal effects.

The course will be organised in a pedagogical part and a scientific part. Both parts will be a blend of presentation and masterclass formats to allow participants both a theoretical and practical insight into CVT.


Thirty Years of Interviews with Adolescent Boys: Why They Sing & Why They Don't
with Patrick K. Freer
Thursday 3rd February at 5-7pm (UK time)

Highlights from new research will ground this discussion of what teachers can do to: 1) keep boys enrolled in choral singing during adolescence, 2) facilitate the return to choral singing by boys who withdraw, and 3) develop active and successful recruitment/retention strategies for different types of schools and choral situations.


Exercise Physiology And Motor Learning Principles In The Studio And The Practice Room with John Nix
Thursday 10th February 2022 At 7-9pm (UK Time)

This class will outline key concepts in exercise physiology and motor learning, and provide examples of how these concepts might be applied to training singers and practicing.


LEARNING TO LEARN: What Is The Feldenkrais® Method And How Can It Be Applied To Vocal Learning?
With Robert Sussuma
Thursday 17th February At 5-7pm (UK Time)

In this workshop, Robert will introduce you to the classic Feldenkrais approach to movement improvement and demonstrate how it can be applied in the vocal context.


A Tonguecentric Pedagogy: Reframing The Conversation About This Important Structure
With Kerrie Obert
Thursday 24th February At 5-7pm (UK Time)

The tongue is the most flexible structure in the vocal tract. It is possibly the most important structure to learn about in singing, this course shifts the pedagogical approach toward a “TongueCentric” one instead of one centered around the vocal folds. After all, the folds are only a small portion of the overall sound created.


What has the last two decades of research on singing and health taught us?
With Stephen Clift
Thursday 12th May at 5-7pm (UK time)

This course will help students develop the skills needed for critical interpretation of research studies, and the potential translation of their findings into practice.


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