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Voice Study Centre provides voice pedagogy-based continuing professional development and teacher training for singing teachers, music directors and choral conductors.

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January 2023

This image shows Professor Robin Dunbar

Why Only Humans Have Language

With Prof. Robin Dunbar
Thursday 12th January 2023 5-6pm GMT

In this hour-long lecture, Prof. Robin Dunbar will examine why it is that language and speech, in the forms we have them, are unique to humans.

This is a photo of Dr. David Juncos, Voice Study Centre Ambassador.

3-Part Course: Acceptance And Commitment Training For Music Performance Anxiety

With Dr. David Juncos
Tuesday 17th, 24th and 31st January 2023 at 5-7pm GMT

Acceptance and Commitment Coaching aims to promote mindfulness and acceptance of one’s unwanted symptoms of emotional distress, while also empowering one to engage in behavior of personal value more frequently.
This is a photo of Ken Bozeman

Effective Studio Application Strategies

With Ken Bozeman
Thursday 19th January 2023 5-7pm GMT

This class will be focused on practical pedagogic applications by exploring effective studio strategies for respiration, pre-phonatory tuning, onset mode, phonation mode, articulation, resonance tuning and balance, range and passaggio negotiation, passive vowel migration, active vowel modification, and the necessary migrations of somatosense and timbre across range.

February 2023

This is a photo of Prof. Stephen Clift who will be giving a 4 part course on quantitative methods in relation to singing for health nresearch.

4- Part Course - Singing For Health: An Introduction To Quantitative Methods

With Prof. Stephen Clift
Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th And 22nd February 10am-12pm GMT

This course will introduce central concepts in research design, measurement, sampling, and statistical analysis underpinning quantitative methods in research on singing for health.

This event is part of our fundraising series for the Singing for Health Network.

To be able to take part you will need to be a member of the Singing for Health Network.

An Introduction To Overtone Singing

With Wolfgang Saus
Thursday 26th January 2023 5-7pm GMT

During this workshop, Wolfgang will lead us through how overtone singing works with a demonstration of techniques.

This is a photo of Joan Melton

Voice-Movement Skills And The Dimension Of PLAY!

With Dr. Joan Melton
Thursday 2nd February 2023 5-7pm GMT

This workshop explores the voice-movement relationship in breath management, the vocal tract, voice qualities, pitch range, articulation and phrasing (singing and speaking), and extended voice use.

This is a photo of Normal Spivey, who will be hosting a vocal pedagogy-based online course for the Voice Study Centre.

Cross-Training In The Voice Studio - Let’s Talk

With Norman Spivey
Thursday 9th February 2023 5-7pm GMT

This course will explore the use of cross-training and speech-to-singing exercises as a gateway to musical and vocal development.

This is a photo of Heidi Moss, Voice Study Centre MA Voice Pedagogy Ambassador

Motor Learning In Singing: The Importance Of What, How, And When

With Heidi Moss
Thursday 16th February 2023 5-7pm GMT

This course will explore the use of cross-training and speech-to-singing exercises as a gateway to musical and vocal development.

This is a photo of Aaron Williamon, Professor of Performance Science at the Royal College of Music (RCM) . Prof. Williamon will be giving a online class for the Voice Study Centre.

Better Practice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives On Developing And Supporting Musical Excellence

With Prof. Aaron Williamon
Thursday 23rd February 2023 5-7pm GMT

This presentation will review the latest developments in the field of performance science to examine how musicians can equip themselves with skills to excel.

March 2023

This is a photograph of Karen Leigh-Post

The Brain, Music, And Optimal Performance

With Karen Leigh-Post
Thursday 2nd March 2023 5-7pm GMT

This clear yet delightfully quick-paced introduction to cognitive neuroscience for the voice studio nimbly weaves together discoveries in neuroscience with the experience of vocal artistry to show how singing can be viewed as a perception-action cycle.

This is a photograph of Dr. Elisa Monti

Trauma-Informed Voice Practices: What Does It Mean In Practice?

With Dr. Elisa Monti
Thursday 9th March 2023 5-7pm GMT

In this course, participants will learn the theory and particularly the practice of being “trauma-informed”.

The participant will become aware of the incidence and impact of trauma and how trauma can manifest physiologically, behaviorally, and vocally in different types of settings and situations.


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