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Voice Study Centre provides voice pedagogy-based continuing professional development and teacher training for singing teachers, music directors and choral conductors.

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Building A Healthy High Performance From The Inside
With Line Hilton
Thursday 30th June 2022 At 5-7pm BST

This session will help you assess your own resilience and give you some practical strategies and tools to help you build up your resilience so you can move forward, and upward.


Group Singing As A Complex Adaptive System (CAS)
With Dr. Dave Camlin
Thursday 7th July 2022 At 5-7pm (UK Time)

In this short course, Dr. Dave Camlin will outline some of the implications of understanding group singing as a complex adaptive system (CAS).

While perhaps hundreds of psychological, biological, social, and behavioural mechanisms might be implicated in the experience of singing together, how we understand such complex intra-actions presents an epistemological conundrum.


Come along to our informal Q&A evening to ask questions about the structure and content of the course and to meet our Director of Studies.


Acceptance and Commitment Coaching for Music Performance Anxiety
With Dr. David Juncos
Tuesday's 12th, 19th & 26th July 2022 at 5-7pm (UK time)

Acceptance and Commitment Coaching aims to promote mindfulness and acceptance of one’s unwanted symptoms of emotional distress, while also empowering one to engage in behavior of personal value more frequently.

This combined skillset of both mindfully accepting one’s symptoms, while also adding in and engaging with valued actions more frequently enables one to behave in a more resilient and psychologically flexible way, which is the overarching goal for ACC & ACT.


Breathing And Support – “Oh No, Not That Old Chestnut”
With Dr. Ron Morris
Thursday 14th July 2022 At 9-11am (BST)

This workshop will look at the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system and how that works for singers.

We will also look at “why we love Accent Method so much” and at some of the research data that supports it.


Accent Coaching: Tips For Working With Actors, Singers, And Directors
With Dr. Rocky Sansom
Thursday 21st July 2022 At 5-7pm (UK Time)

This two-hour workshop explores accent coaching from a variety of perspectives and includes practical strategies for coaching clients.

Topics will include coaching accents to clients with varying levels of experience, working with directors, adjusting to changing demands on stage or on set, exploring the different needs of actors and singers, and organizing session curriculum.


Perceptual-Motor Learning In Voice Training
With Dr. Kittie Verdolini Abbott
Thursday 28th July 2022 At 5-7pm (BST)

This course will provide an introduction to fundamental theoretical and empirical issues in perceptual-motor learning with specific applications to voice training.

The review covers the past 50 years of essential work in the motor learning domain, much of it garnered in sports psychology, and  now emerging as a critical framework for the way we approach voice training and therapy.


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