Julian Chen received a PhD in Physics from Columbia University in 1985, then joined IBM Research Division as a Research Staff Member.

In 1993, He published Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, a recognized "bible" of nanoscience.

In 1994 he switched research focus to human voice, received an Outstanding Innovation Award from IBM in 1998 for breakthroughs in speech technology.

In 2007 he joined Department of Applied Physics of Columbia University, continuing research on human voice by collaborating with Donald Miller of Groningen Voice Research Laboratory. In 2016 he published a monograph Elements of Human Voice.

By degree and profession, he is a physicist. Nevertheless, he was a private student in music composition of Professor Cheng Maojun, the composer of the Anthem of the Republic of China (Taiwan); and often directing amateur choirs and accompanying singers.

Past Short Courses

The Transient Theory of Human Voice Production with Dr Julian Chen
Sunday 16th April 2023
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

The Transient Theory of Human Voice Production with Dr Julian Chen

Dr Julian Chen
World Voice Day

World Voice Day - free-to-attend lecture! An initial version of the transient theory of human voice production, the timbron theory, was proposed by Leonhard Euler in 1727. In this lecture, subsequent experimental output and the timbron theory of human voice production are presented in an easy to understand graphical format.