Jaron M. LeGrair is a singer, voice researcher, voice teacher, music director, professor, educator, author, and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he founded the Jaron M. LeGrair Studio, an international studio that specialises in providing voice training and goods for vocal health for singers and speakers. The studio is celebrating ten years this year!

In recent years, he’s become known on social media for analysing vocalists and teaching voice science through video posts on various platforms. These videos and posts have garnered a massive community of supporters and followers across these platforms - a community who fondly call themselves 'The Jaritones'.

As a researcher, he has presented research on various voice-related topics across the world as a sought-after authority in voice pedagogy, science, and application as it relates to Gospel, R&B, Musical Theatre and other contemporary styles. He also has research published in various journals and books.

As an educator, he has served as a Professor of Voice, Music and Musical Theatre at Point Park University, Youngstown State University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Saint Mary’s College of California.

Past Short Courses

The Gospel Choir Sound: A Practical Pedagogical Exploration
Tuesday 30th April 2024
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
(London Time)

The Gospel Choir Sound: A Practical Pedagogical Exploration

Jaron M. LeGrair

'The Gospel Choir Sound: A Practical Pedagogical Exploration' is a course that is meant to help all types of singers and voices understand some of the essential methods behind the gospel choir sound in the African-American church and to hopefully have the ability to access and make use of these tactics and techniques in a tangible and efficient way.