Debbie (MA Acting) has her own voiceover business alongside working with the Voice Study Centre. As a professionally trained East London based voice actor with a Masters in Acting and a year’s training in Meisner through The Salon Collective she specialises in corporate narration, IVR/Onhold, commercials and children’s audiobooks. London hasn’t always been her home. Her early years were spent in Bristol, Leigh and Oldham before moving to London aged 9 with a strong north-west accent which she can still do along with British RP, a general London accent, Cockney and Liverpudlian. She is very interested in accents.

In 2022 she and a friend performed their own show called Bubblegum & Pop at The Edinburgh Fringe.

At the Voice Study Centre she is the short course events host, voiceover artist and podcaster. She is also a current student on the MA program at The Voice Study Centre. She is interested in the spoken voice as well as acting through song.