2020 Year In Review

Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Supporting the Arts

During 2020, Voice Study Centre has been proud to support the Arts Community. Through the development of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme we have been able to focus on giving back during this difficult year. Over the summer we began hosting charity fundraisers for Help Musicians, raising over £3,000, and in the autumn we continued this with a fundraising workshop for Voices Foundation where we had over 60 attendees help raise a total of £691

Inclusivity in Education
We have also widened our commitment to improving inclusivity and reducing financial barriers within Higher Education, and to this end we launched our unique non-profit Foundation Course in 2020. This allows students who do not hold undergraduate degrees to develop their academic skills. Upon successful completion of the course students are able to go on to take a postgraduate programme with the Voice Study Centre, with the cost of the Foundation Course deducted from their Postgraduate Course Fees and we are excited to continue this course.

Online Short Courses
This year we hosted a great range of short courses, each of which has been informative and inspiring. You can browse these courses by taking a look at our vocal pedagogy online course archive.

Singing Teachers & COVID-19
During the struggles of the nation, which had serious implications for people’s mental health and wellbeing, VoiceStudy Centre student Lisa Price set up pop up choirs online and online community singalongs.
Lisa received a well deserved COVID-19 hero award, from the Lord Mayor of Dublin for all of her hard work and dedication.


In this video, a handful of our students share their experiences of teaching online during lockdown:


Recent Posts

Study Tips and Guides

Study Tip: Develop a Schedule

Voice Study Centre
Friday 29th September 2023

A well-structured schedule promotes efficiency by minimising wasted time and preventing procrastination. When you have a clear plan, you are less likely to spend excessive time on non-productive activities or become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work.

Course Reviews

Course Review: Vocal Health in Children and Young People with Olivia Sparkhall

Jody Sparrow
Monday 25th September 2023

Olivia Sparkhall’s two-hour course drew considerably on her book – 'A Young Person’s Guide to Vocal Health' – which was published in 2022. She started off by pondering questions around young voices, sharing examples of some she has been asked in the past such as “is it OK to drink coffee?” and “why is it hard to sing after swallowing?”

Student & Alumni News

MA Voice Pedagogy alumna Lisa Price to present at SMEI conference

Voice Study Centre
Sunday 24th September 2023

We are thrilled to announce that MA Voice Pedagogy alumna Lisa Price has been accepted to present a research paper at the 11th Annual Conference of the SMEI (Society for Music Education in Ireland) in November 2023.