MA Voice Pedagogy student Jo Warren releases debut album, ‘The Darkness & The Light’ with trio Luna Sees

Wednesday 1st May 2024

We’re delighted to hear that MA Voice Pedagogy student Jo Warren has released her debut album with her trio Luna Sees!

Jo is a community musician and royalties’ consultant and began her MA Voice Pedagogy studies with the Voice Study Centre in October 2023.  Jo had previously performed in other bands before forming her acoustic trio and has always had a passion for facilitating music access for adults with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health needs.

She has worked extensively with various groups, both in-person and online, through freelancing with organizations like Chiltern Music Therapy and Sing Your Pain Away.  Jo also completed the ITOL-accredited 'Singing for Health Practitioner' course and is currently pursuing her Voice Pedagogy pathway through the Voice Study Centre.

Jo’s passions are reflected in ‘The Darkness & The Light’, which presents a dualistic nature, exploring a spectrum of emotions and experiences that resonate with many listeners. Themes of depression and recovery, love and loss, pain and joy, and hope and fear, maintain a feeling of balance throughout.

We’re thrilled that Jo has achieved one of her long-term goals of releasing a debut album – a testament to her dedication.

Congratulations, Jo, Mark, and Amy (Luna Sees)! We’re looking forward to following you on your musical journey.


If you would like to listen to The Darkness and The Light, click here.

Jo Warren

My name is Jo Warren and I am a freelance Community Musician and Singing Group Leader. Up until 2017, I had been working as Royalties Director for a literary agency and only pursuing musical interests in my spare time...

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