Students and Alumni

Amanda Baggett

Currently residing in London, Amanda Baggett is a dramatic soprano and teacher of voice originally from Tacoma, Washington. She has graced both US and International stages with her “powerful, emotive and beautifully flexible” voice for 17 years. With her firm command of the stage and a voice that traverses the intricate nuances of dramatic roles, she has earned a number of accolades and competition awards. Audiences and critics alike have praised her “incredible ability to convey the deepest emotions through her singing,” making her well sought after for oratorio, recitals, adjudicating, coaching, and main stage operatic roles.

Ms. Baggett’s passion for music has been marked by exceptional talent, steadfast dedication, and a firm commitment to sharing her knowledge with aspiring musicians. Recognizing the importance of passing on her wealth of experience and knowledge, she has become a sought-after voice teacher. Her academic pursuits directly influence her teaching philosophy. As an advocate for the intersection of psychology and music, she incorporates performance psychology into her teaching, benefitting her students not only from a technical expertise standpoint but also from her keen insights into the psychological aspects of performance, helping them navigate the unique challenges of stage presence, confidence, introspection, and artistic expression.

Grateful for the enriching learning opportunities being presented to her in the MA in Vocal Pedagogy program through the Voice Study Center, she acknowledges the profound impact it will have on furthering her understanding of the human psyche and its role in singing. She looks forward to delving further into subjects like neuroscience, performance psychology, and trauma studies to develop better-rounded teaching strategies in the voice studio and beyond.