Hi! I’m Cat. I love the voice, singing and helping people reach their vocal goals. I trained for my BA (Hons) at UCLan in Music Theatre. Currently, I am studying for a Master's in Voice Pedagogy via the Voice Study Centre (UK). Here, I am exposed to the greatest voice experts from around the world, which is constantly informing my practice.

Many of my studies have been based around how to best support students and optimise their lesson experience. My main question is “how can I support this student better?”. It’s always exciting when I don’t know the answer and get to dive into the voice literature to make that lesson the best possible for that student.

I specialise in singing for mental health and wellbeing, and helping singers who have had a negative experience which has perpetuated a change in how they identify as a singer. Resilience, optimising the singer's voice, building confidence, preparing for the industry, meeting industry standards and vocal health are only a few aspects that I can offer in lessons. Specialist genres include Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock and Folk.

As well as this, I have a certificate in mental health first aid (both Adult and Youth), vocal health first aid (Vocal Health UK) and the BAST 20-hour course. I teach children, adolescents, young adults and adults. There are no limits to what I can learn about the voice! I love singing, I love the voice, I love teaching the voice. Everything from planning the lessons, to teaching the lessons, to singing, to helping my students achieve and work towards their goals brings me such joy.

For the Sing Space I regularly hold short lectures, webinars and Vocal Gyms. Topics range from how to riff to how to use singing as a way to help with anxiety. I live in Cheshire with my fiancé Robbie, our two children and our dog.