Students and Alumni

Chrysa Tsaltampasi

Chrysa Tsaltampasi is an extreme vocal coach and singer/songwriter from Greece. She is a final year student on the Voice Study Centre’s MA Voice Pedagogy programme, where she has been doing her research solely on extreme metal vocals. She is a graduate of Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and has many certifications, including Somatic Voicework (levels 1, 2 and 3); Integrated Therapy (levels 1, 2 and 3); BAST Training for singing teachers; and Vocal Health First Aider, among others.

She has provided extreme and melodic vocals for the Netflix series 1899 and melodic vocals for the Hollywood series Beauty and the Beast, The Secret Circle, Star Crossed, Delirium and Dos Lunas. She is also a member of the international collective of extreme metal singers and vocal coaches for ‘The Monster Factory’ video game.

Chrysa has been invited by Codarts University for the Arts and HKU Utrecht Conservatory (Utrecht, Netherlands) to give masterclasses on extreme metal vocals, do band coaching and teach singers of all years in closed groups at the beginning of November 2023.