Dani Garcia is an award-winning performer, songwriter and educator that has been part of the Canadian music scene for over 17 years.

She is passionate about storytelling through music and believes in creating music that transcends cultural and socioeconomic barriers.

Through artist development, she helps students tell their stories, find their voice and celebrate their unique experiences. She teaches students of all ages with a focus on coaching new upcoming artists through voice, piano and songwriting lessons. Her background is in CCM styles such as music theatre, jazz, folk, pop and R&B and has an interest in voice science and how hormones affect the voice.

I had gone to various voice workshops, conferences and certificate programs in the States and Canada. I felt like I was finally ready to look into a master’s program to deepen my understanding of the voice for myself and my students.

I was looking for an MA program that was flexible enough to explore various topics related to the voice, inclusive of CCM styles. I was so excited to find the Online MA/PG Cert Professional Practice in Voice Pedagogy! It was everything I was looking for and more.

If you want a program filled with a community inclusive of all different styles and backgrounds, the PG Cert/MA program with Voice Study Centre and the University of Wales Trinity St. David is the best option. Not only are there interesting workshops, wonderful tutors/mentors, but the program is also flexible and is an excellent fit for anyone that teaches and performs regularly.