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Florie Gounelle

At the heart of Florie Gounelle’s professional life is a profound commitment to her students. She brings an approach to teaching that is deeply nurturing, focused on unlocking each student's potential. Florie’s philosophy centers around the belief that her students' growth and well-being are the true measures of her success.

Florie’s journey in music and vocal pedagogy is guided by a lifetime of learning and a passion for sharing knowledge. Her connection with students is enhanced by her own extensive training with the International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM), where she honed her skills to become not just a singer, but a guide and mentor.

Florie’s notable achievements, including being honoured with the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Singing Recital Gold Medal, writing a book hailed as one of the 'Best Singing Book' by BookAuthority, and her unique performances, like playing the hurdy gurdy at Medieval Museums in Ireland, are more than just accolades to her. She sees these experiences as invaluable assets that enhance her ability to educate and inspire her students. Some of her projects, like "Let's Talk About You," are a testament to her innovative approach, seeking to understand the unique relationship each person has with their voice.

In her teaching, Florie emphasizes a learning process that is enjoyable and self-revealing, helping students discover their own voices while having fun. Her expertise extends to addressing performance anxiety and integrating psychological insights into her teaching, always aiming to inspire confidence and joy in music.

Florie’s career is a harmonious blend of professionalism and a heartfelt dedication to teaching. Her students are her priority, and her impressive curriculum is a backdrop to her primary role as a mentor and cheerleader for those she teaches. Florie’s influence extends beyond mere vocal training; she shapes confident, expressive, and self-aware individuals through the power of music.

Florie earned her Mental Health Informed Practitioner Certificate with Dr George Musgrave!


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MA student's book named one of the top new singing books by BookAuthority!

Voice Study Centre
Wednesday 3rd January 2024

We'd like to warmly congratulate MA Voice Pedagogy student Florie Gounelle, whose book has been named one of the top new singing books by BookAuthority!