Students and Alumni

Hannah-Rose Tristram

Hannah-Rose is passionate about empowering people to take part in and enjoy music, singing and their voices. She helps people make sounds they love and connect with others through music. She is a choir leader, singing teacher, voice coach, voice actor and musician who is also trained in yoga teaching and has a 1st class BA in Music and Dance (Kingston University).

Hannah-Rose leads Natural Voice choirs at which all voices are welcome, with the ethos that singing is a human birthright, something everyone can do. Current active groups include:

- LGBTQIA+ & Allies community choir, GLOW Choir Brighton (Facebook / Instagram), which Hannah-Rose co-founded and has run since 2015 with a strong emphasis on inclusion for all voices under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, and queer joy!

- Resonance Choir, Sing For Trees! (Facebook / Instagram), which supports tree planting organisation Forests Without Frontiers at every session and sings spiritually nourishing songs from a range of backgrounds. Running since 2022.

- Companion Voices Brighton - a little different from the others, this group, which Hannah-Rose co-leads, practices together to bring the comfort of song to those nearing the end of life, and is part of a wider network of Companion Voices groups.

Hannah-Rose's training includes Estill Levels 1 & 2 successfully completed twice, Actor Musicianship training at Rose Bruford, Trans Voice Alteration with Renée Yoxon, experience with Village Harmony & Northern Harmony choirs, Natural Voice teacher training with Frankie Armstrong and Darien Pritchard, Singing For Health Practitioner with Professor Stephen Clift, music theory and flute grades, yoga teacher training, and a range of other influential training and experience that she brings with her to help people take part in and enjoy music, singing and their voices.