Students and Alumni

Lorraine Worley

Lorraine Worley is a retired opera singer and recitalist who has been teaching for over 50 years. She currently teaches at Bristol Cathedral Choir School and Backwell Academy. She also runs her own private practice from home (online or live).

Originally trained as a chorister, Lorraine has trained festival choirs, winning many competitions and two commendations from the BBC Choir of the Year.

At 64 years old, she decided to resume vocal pedagogy studies in the pursuit of many unanswered questions. She completed her PGCert in applied professional practice and an MA in Voice Pedagogy, in addition to an existing LRSM in performance.

Lorraine recently passed the Voice Study Centre’s Certificate in Applied Neuroscience in Voice, where the course’s 'top-down' approach fulfilled many answers to her quest in line with her own research epiphany into the shared genetic musical aptitude of humans, songbirds and other ‘vocal learners', and how these findings could be applied to vocal pedagogy.