Voice Geek Conference 2019

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The annual Voice Geek Conference was held at the stylish Visual Arts Centre in Colchester, Essex over the weekend of the 27th & 28th April 2019. The aim of the conference was to give a voice to those engaged in pedagogical research; with a focus on linking theory to practise.

We discussed a wide variety of fascinating topics ranging from ‘Open throat, open mind’ and ‘Pop Pastiche as Pure and Plastic Pedagogy’ to ‘Flexible Voices – Studying Voice Production Using MRI of the Brain and Vocal Tract’ and ‘Resuscitating the flaccid tongue’.

Debbie Winter, Director of Voice Workshop said “The conference was a real success and it was so rewarding to give a platform to so many voices. It was a real hive mind of research, ideas and activity.

Delegates at the conference were equally happy with comments made such as ‘…motivating weekend with so many brilliant and inspiring people’ and ‘my head is buzzing with so many ideas now’ and ‘very thought-provoking material presented’ to ‘it was a privilege to be there and being blown away by some amazing minds’.

We’re so proud of so many of our MA students who were able to present their work at the conference. If you’re interested in being involved next year, read here for MA PG Cert Course details.

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