An Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork with Rockford Sansom - Wednesday 5th August 2020, 5pm (UK time)

Course Details

This two-hour workshop is an introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork (KTS), which is a leading voice, speech, and accent training methodology in theatre conservatories worldwide. In addition to a discussion on teaching practices, the workshop will include several short, playful KTS games and exercises. Participants will gain a greater physical awareness of the human vocal tract and gain basic speech tools that (with continued practice and development) can eventually lead to mastering any speech skill and acquiring any accent needed for performance.

About Rockford

Rockford Sansom, PhD, MFA, is a voice trainer and theatre professor. As a voice coach, he has worked with actors Off-Broadway and in regional theatres, Fortune 100 CEOs, United Nations officials, active members of the U.S. Congress, and speakers in TED Talks. As an actor, he has performed Off-Broadway, regionally, and in international and national tours. Rocky is also a published author and editor, and he was a member of the first teaching certification program for Knight-Thompson Speechwork.

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