Dr Leah B. Helou (she/her/hers) aims to ask questions and solve problems related to the pathways underpinning healthy and disordered voice and speech production. She maintains several distinct yet intertwined lines of research.

Using gold standard experimental neuroanatomy techniques, Helou identifies the neural substrates underlying cortical control of vocalization in non-human primates and rodents.

Engaging a variety of psychophysiological techniques, she probes the relationship between human stress responses, communication behaviors, and various facets of personality and identity. Finally, drawing on her experience as a clinically certified voice pathologist, she seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of specific patient populations.

Specifically, she has a particular interest in advancing the care of people with so-called “functional” voice and laryngeal breathing disorders, and individuals along the gender spectrum. Broadly, all of Helou's research pertains to “mind-voice pathways."

Past Short Courses

Who Are “Laryngoresponders” And How Do We Find Them?
Thursday 16th March 2023
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

Who Are “Laryngoresponders” And How Do We Find Them?

Dr Leah B. Helou

This talk will synthesize existing evidence about stress-, autonomic-, and personality-based relationships with the larynx and voice, and describe current efforts to test the notion that laryngoresponders can be identified in the general population.