Janos Fabian is a PhD Music and Psychology researcher, Music Psychologist (MA) and Director of Music (PGCE, QTLS, BA).

Janos Fabian, originally from Hungary, has exhibited a deep-rooted passion for music throughout his life. He earned his BA degree in Solo Singing Teaching and Performing of Vocal Chamber Music from The Conservatory Bela Bartok of the University of Miskolc in 2009. Following this, he completed his PGCE in Further Education and Training at the University of Portsmouth and swiftly secured a position as a Music Teacher at St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School in Windsor in May 2017, only two months before graduating.

Since September 2022, Janos has been serving as the Director of Music at St Edmund’s School in Hindhead. Keen on continual self-improvement, he pursued an MA degree in Music Psychology in Education, Performance and Wellbeing at the University of Sheffield from 2019 to 2021. His MA dissertation delved into the topic of Boys’ Singing, specifically exploring self-representation and identity affected by the change of vocal folds during adolescence.

Currently, Janos is engaged in his PhD in Music Psychology at the University of Leeds, focusing on 'Boys' Singing - the change of vocal folds during adolescence: the psychological impact on identity and motivation for singing activities', a testament to his commitment to advancing his understanding of music and its psychological aspects.

Janos is an active member of various professional associations, including the Royal Musical Association, Chartered College of Teaching, Society for Education and Training, Sempre: Society for Education, Music, and Psychology Research, and the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music.

His research interests span a broad spectrum, encompassing boys’ singing and musical development, boys’ psychological development, performance science, musical identity, vocal acoustics, musical motivation and expression, performance memory, singing methodology, and music education.

Past Short Courses

Unveiling Vocal Identity: Navigating Adolescence Through Song
Thursday 30th May 2024
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

Unveiling Vocal Identity: Navigating Adolescence Through Song

Janos Fabian

In this two-hour workshop, we will explore the intricate world of vocal identity during adolescence. Join us in exploring the psychological and sociological impact of the voice change, shedding light on the factors that shape and define this crucial phase in a young person's life.