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Unveiling Vocal Identity: Navigating Adolescence Through Song

Thursday 30th May 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

In this two-hour workshop, we will explore the intricate world of vocal identity during adolescence. Join us in exploring the psychological and sociological impact of the voice change, shedding light on the factors that shape and define this crucial phase in a young person's life.

Adolescent boy singers often experience a unique intersection of psychological and sociological factors that shape their journey in music education. Psychologically, adolescence is a period of self-discovery and identity formation, and these young musicians navigate the challenges of finding their voice both musically and personally. The pressures of performance expectations, and the constant scrutiny of their image can impact their mental well-being. Sociologically, the teenage years are marked by a heightened sensitivity to social validation and peer acceptance. Additionally, societal expectations regarding masculinity and success can influence the artistic choices and expressions of teenage boy singers. The interplay of these psychological and sociological factors contributes to the complex and dynamic landscape that shapes the experiences of young male vocalists in music education.

Throughout the session, we will unravel the layers of vocal identity, investigating the complexity of musical identity, motivation, peer pressure, social stigma, emotional challenges, and engagement. Our discussion will revolve around the influencing factors that contribute to the unique and complex vocal journey teenagers, specifically boys, undergo during this pivotal period.

Designed with vocal coaches in mind, this workshop offers valuable insights for those working with adolescent singers, especially those navigating the challenges of the voice change. Music educators and department leads will also find relevance in understanding the intricate musical (vocal) identity of teenagers, with a particular focus on the psychology of singing.

Furthermore, our session extends its reach to SEN practitioners seeking creative ways to support a diverse group of children. By unravelling the complex relationship teenagers have with music and their own voice, we aim to provide practical insights that can be applied in various educational settings.

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Janos Fabian

Janos Fabian is a PhD Music and Psychology researcher, Music Psychologist (MA) and Director of Music (PGCE, QTLS, BA). He earned his BA degree in Solo Singing Teaching and Performing of Vocal Chamber Music from The Conservatory Bela Bartok of the University of Miskolc in 2009. Following this...

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