Nicolás Hormazábal is a teacher of Vocal Distortions and Extreme Vocals with an emphasis on Rock and Metal styles. A pioneer in teaching vocal distortions in Chile, he has trained many singers of the South American metal scene.

Nicolás' research has been published in the Journal of Voice and he is currently working on more projects that focus on vocal distortions. 

In the last few years, Nicolás' work has attracted the attention of institutions and universities. This has led to collaborations and exhibitions at an international level, including presenting at conferences such as The Voice Foundation and PAVA, among others. 

Nicolás has a "student" mindset and this desire to be constantly learning keeps him updated and informed on the latest information about Distortions. His goal is always to provide a great learning experience for his students and equip them with the tools, information, and strategies they need to achieve Vocal Distortion in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Nicolás teaches in both English and Spanish.

Past Short Courses

Let´s Scream: Vocal Distortions Introduction
Thursday 18th July 2024
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

Let´s Scream: Vocal Distortions Introduction

Nicolás Hormazábal

The objective of this workshop is to know how to train and recognize different types of vocal distortions through sensory motor learning and by using different tools (Vocal Register, Vocal qualities, etc) from “Traditional Singing”.