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Last week, Dann Mitton hosted an online short course ‘Low Male Voices (LMVs): Development, Technique, and Repertoire’.

The course focused on gaining a deeper understanding of Low Male Voices (LMVs).

Part I defined the meaning of a LMV, before exploring its presence within both classical and contemporary commercial music (CCM).

Dann will then moved on to explore developmental milestones of LMV and described the physical indicators that occur during the developmental process.

He then considered the zona di passaggio before moving onto specific training strategies as well as potential repertoire resources. Following this, Dann examined the potential tonal goals of a student with a Low Male Voice.

In part II Dann explored the presence of the LMV in voice pedagogy literature before dealing with issues relating to fach.

He also discussed formants, and harmonics within the current model linking it to cover, open/close timbre, and micro-crossings.

Lastly, Dann discussed his Ph.D. research and took questions from participants.

Here’s some comments from participants:


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