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A Busy Summer For Voice Study Centre Students

Monday 5th September 2022

Our students have had a busy summer presenting their MA research at notable conferences and symposiums.

Now that we’re a few days into autumn, we wanted to reflect on summer 2022 with a list of their achievements.

Jono McNeil – Cohort C

MA Voice Pedagogy student, Jono McNeil, was selected to present atAOTOS Summer Conference ‘Moving on Together‘ in July.

As well as presenting, Jono hosted a workshop, both informed by research undertaken during his MA Voice Pedagogy journey.

Fernando Zimmermann – Cohort F
Fernando presented Can A Self-Talk Instructional Aid Assist in the Development of Singing Student Self-Efficacy? at PAVA’s Hybrid Symposium in August/

Judith Wodzak – Cohort F
Judith presented Pain, Trauma and The Voice alongside Geneva Mayne at PAVA’s Hybrid Symposium in August.

Anupa Paul – Cohort D
Anupa has been asked to join the newly founded NATS India Chapter, as Secretary.

Samyukta Ranganathan – Cohort F
Samyukta presented at PEVoC14 in Estonia last weekend.
She has also been asked to join the newly founded NATS India Chapter, as Treasurer.

Abi Mann-Daraz – Cohort F
Last week Abi delivered a singing workshop at STAMMAFest 2022.

Sharon Mari – Alumni
Sharon presented An Investigation Into The Psychological Impact Of A Vocal Injury On The Professional Voice User at PEVoC14 last weekend.

Jenna Brown – Cohort F
Jenna has been appointed as our Practical Publishing group student representative. 

We are very proud of you all!

Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil has provided vocal coaching for professional singers, contemporary artists, and vocalists in a range of influential positions within the entertainment industry for over 20 years...

Fernando Zimmermann

Fernando Zimmermann is an MA Voice Pedagogy student at the Voice Study Center and University of Wales Trinity Saint David....

Judith Wodzak

Judith Wodzak is a speech and language pathologist with experience working with children and adults in both educational and medical settings...

Anupa Paul

Anupa Paul is a voice coach, singing performance coach and choral trainer. She completed her MA Voice Pedagogy with a distinction from Voice Study Center and UWTSD in 2022. 

Samyukta Ranganathan

Samyukta is an awarding-winning singer of classical South Indian (Carnatic) music. She began her training at age 8 and had begun singing in the South Indian music circuit by age 13...

Abi Mann-Daraz

Specialising in Singing for Health, Abi Mann-Daraz’s MA Voice Pedagogy research areas include singing for stammering, mental health and Autism. Abi runs a...

Sharon Mari

Sharon Mari is a singer, singing teacher and vocal rehabilitation coach with a particular interest in vocal health. She is a member of the multidisciplinary team at the...

Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown is a mezzo-soprano performing as a soloist in concert and recital, as well as in choirs. She teaches singers of all ages 1:1 and in groups, working as teacher, vocal coach and conductor.

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