Meet Our Students: Shinyeol Pae

Thursday 26th October 2023

Hailing from South Korea, Shinyeol Pae is a singer, voice teacher, vocal coach, songwriter and SLP Master's student of Daegu Catholic University (DCU). He attended and completed Kerrie Obert’s 10-week Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy course earlier this year and is currently enrolled on the six-week ITOL-accredited Voice Teacher Practicum Certificate with Dr Kari Ragan. 

Shinyeol is the founder of the DesignVoiceCenter, works at Medical Voice ENT clinic as a vocal coach and singing voice specialist as a member of the multidisciplinary team, and serves as a teaching assistant and research assistant in the SLP department and Catholic Hearing Voice Speech Center at DCU. 

As a contemporary commercial music (CCM) vocal pedagogue, he gives private lectures to voice instructors from all musical genres and teaches singers of all ages. He has also participated in choir performances as a member of the Heritage Mass Choir. Shinyeol’s perspective is one that is student-centred, profoundly psychological, and cross-disciplinary towards all kinds of voice, particularly CCM and music theatre (MT). 

Shinyeol has learned not only motor learning but the attitude of life-long learning from the teachings of his mentor Kittie Verdolini Abbott. Vivid lectures from Verdolini and Ingo Titze have inspired him to build a bridge between voice habilitation and voice rehabilitation. He has a deep interest in somatics – including Lessac voice and bodywork and the Feldenkrais Method®; a variety of vocal teaching methodologies; brain science related to voice production; and psychology. 

Shinyeol is a founding member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) South Korea Chapter, where he serves as a publication director and research director. He has presented on a variety of topics at the chapter’s 2nd and 3rd conferences as part of these roles. In addition, he is a full member of the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA), an active member of Estill Voice Training, and a member of the Singing for Health Network. 

Shinyeol is dedicated to his continuing professional development (CPD), having fulfilled many hours of Voice Study Centre online short course content in the last couple of years, including multi-course bundles. When asked about his experience of this year’s Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy, he commented that Kerrie Obert’s “insight, wisdom and multidisciplinary perception are elements of her teaching on a different level” and that the course “introduces the perspectives necessary for such a journey to be a voice teacher in a very friendly and diverse way”. 

Aside from Voice Study Centre courses, Shinyeol has attended and/or completed VTS & AIV; Lessac-Kinesensics - A Taste of Lessac; VTS 2.0 & AIV 2.0 from Visions in Voice; Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine Arts Educator (Vocal Performance) from PAMA; the certification course of Estill Voice Training EMT; Estill for Speech-Language Pathologists: Voice Therapy; Donald Gray Miller’s 10th Annual Singing Voice Science Workshop (The Official Workshop of VoceVista); Medical Voice EBVP (Evidence Based Vocal Pedagogy); and Birkman Preview Debriefer Level from BIRKMANKOREA & BIRKMAN INTERNATIONAL, INC. 

Shinyeol Pae

Shinyeol Pae from South Korea is a singer, voice teacher, vocal coach, songwriter and SLP Master's student of Daegu Catholic University (DCU). As a CCM vocal pedagogue, he gives private lectures to voice instructors from all kinds of musical genres and teaches singers of all ages in respect of this work. He has participated in choir performances as a member of Heritage Mass Choir.

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