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Senior Lecturer Invited Onto International Editorial Board Of The Australian Voice Journal

Friday 2nd December 2022

We are so proud of our Senior Lecturer, Emily Foulkes, for being invited onto the International Editorial Board of the Australian Voice journal!

This image shows a photo of MA Voice Pedagogy Senior Lecturer, Emily Foulkes. The text overlay reads 'Faculty Achievement. Voice Study Centre Senior Lecturer Emily Foulkes, has been invited to join the International Editorial Board of the Australian Voice journal!'

‘Australian Voice is a peer-reviewed international journal that focuses on topics pertaining to the singing voice and vocal pedagogy.’

The journal publishes one edition a year, with the next edition due out very soon.

Congratulations, Emily!

Please click here for journal details.

Emily Foulkes

Emily gained a Distinction in her Master’s in Voice Pedagogy, specialising in Singing for Mental Health, Pain Management, and Trauma-Informed Practice...

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