MA Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy)

This programme is home to three flexible pathways.

It is possible to move between the pathways to suit your needs.

Voice Pedagogy The open pathway provides complete flexibility within a blended learning framework. You can draw on a range of pre-recorded videos and live classes to tailor the course to your needs.

Singing for Health The Singing for Health pathway explores the recent research into Singing for Health. With a range of up-to-date videos, you can design projects to suit your practice.

Performance Coaching With video content on the Psychology of the Performer, Coaching, Motivation and Performance Enhancement, the programme allows you to develop coaching and mentoring strategies to deal with stress, burnout, career coaching, performance anxiety, motivation and goal setting, and overall performance enhancement.

MA Voice Pedagogy

Our fully online open pathway enables singing teachers, choral directors, instrumental teachers, and speech and language therapists/pathologists to apply theory to practice within the broad field of voice.


MA Voice Pedagogy - Specialising in Singing for Health and Wellbeing

This course provides an academic pathway to facilitate the study and research of Singing for Health.


MA Voice Pedagogy - Specialising in Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a unique pathway aimed at musicians, dancers, singing teachers, voice coaches, and actors who wish to develop a career in performance coaching.


Foundation Course Programme

The Foundation course programme for professional singers/teachers who have not undertaken a formal degree. It forms part of our inclusivity policy.


So you want to be a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach?

Those seeking to become a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach have used the MA as a pathway to develop their knowledge. This separate page is designed to explain the role of the Vocal Rehabilitation Coach and to highlight the extent to which this pathway can facilitate learning in this area.

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