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Lunchtime Lecture - Conversation Analysis, and Why it's of Value in Voice Research

Tuesday 25th April 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (London Time)


  • This lunchtime lecture is the first in a series to examine Conversation Analysis, a qualitative method with excellent potential for voice science, pedagogy and coaching.
  • Conversation Analysis Research (CA) studies naturally occurring human interaction, with a focus on talk-in-interaction, understanding language to be fundamentally social. The lecture will provide an overview of this rigorously empirical discipline, with roots in ethnomethodology and sociology. Inductive in approach, CA takes real life talk and considers every aspect – from prosody, to language, to gesture, and silence – to develop an understanding of what we do when we talk to each other, and what are the real impacts of our conversational designs.
  • We will consider what CA is, why it’s of value in voice research, as well as where and how it might be done. With examples from film excerpts, emergency service calls, classroom conversations, and more, attendees will leave with a sense of wonder at the most powerful tool for social interaction.
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Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott (MA English, PG Dip vocal pedagogy, PG Dip acting, ALAM) is a vocal, performance and presentation skills coach and a Sustained Dialogue Moderator...

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