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Vocal Intonation Therapy®: the singing-inspired voice therapy technique demystified!

Thursday 27th June 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Due to the functional similarities between singing and speaking, as well as their shared and distinct neural networks, literature examining the use of singing to treat voice disorders associated with various neurological conditions has been of increasing interest over in recent years.

Within the sphere of Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)®, Vocal Intonation Therapy (VIT)® is a singing-inspired voice therapy technique that combines logic from the fields of speech-language pathology, music therapy, and singing voice pedagogy (Thaut, 2005).

This presentation will provide a working understanding of VIT®, highlighting relevant research that supports its basic translational procedures, its logic components, and its clinical application.

In a nutshell, singing is a detour to speech. For the voice therapists out there, if you want to learn how to apply singing logic to your voice therapy practices, you will love this talk. For the singing teachers out there, if you want to learn how to adapt what you know so that you can inclusively enable even more of the voices out there, you will love this talk.

VIT® is a clinical pivot. You will leave this presentation feeling empowered and excited to give it a try, and to learn more!

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Dr Charlene Santoni

Dr Charlene Santoni is a trained opera singer, voice educator, researcher, and clinician. She has a Master’s degree in Singing Voice Pedagogy and a PhD in Music and Health Science with a specialization in voice from The University of Toronto. In 2014, she was awarded The National Association of Teachers of Singing Voice Pedagogy Award.

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