Shouldering The Blame - Exploring the Upper Body In Voice Training & Rehabilitation - With Chris Johnson, Tuesday 16th February 5pm (UK Time)

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One reasonably well explored principle in voice production is how the breathing system can and does adapt to the larynx, be it the register, resistance or possibly a pathological problem.

As we explore this principle, there are common adaptations that happen in the upper body that can be assessed using the arms.

This makes the arms and shoulders a valuable part of assessing singers understanding the singing ‘system’ and eventually deciding the training route.

All sessions are recorded and will be sent out to all registered participants.

About Chris

Hi, I’m Chris Johnson and I’m a vocal coach.

My performance career began in a casual choir, but then the joy (and, sometimes the fear) of stepping out in-front of hundreds of people got addictive. So addictive that it made me develop my own performance that led me into the professional world of singing for twelve years; years through which I learned a lot about myself as a performer.

During the early part of that career my voice was in decline. I wasn’t prepared for the toll of a full-time schedule! Narrowly missing a serious vocal injury, I relearned my instrument and started the never-ending journey of vocal development. Vocal coaching was inevitably born from that realised potential I had experienced from seeking help and turning my seemingly ‘hopeless’ voice around, and how I might also be able to help others avoid having to get a ‘real’ job.

Through my coaching work I’m pleased to say that major label artists, West End leads, backing vocalists, singer/songwriters and vocal coach all put their trust in me to take good care of their instruments. I also thoroughly enjoy the work I do with singing teachers all over the world to help them up-skill, navigate the overwhelming amount of pedagogical options, and develop their own technical and business acumen.

In compliment to coaching, I have trained in laryngeal manual therapies and studied extensively with scientists in vocal acoustics, physical and somatic therapy, and laryngology. Through my popular podcast and blog, The Naked Vocalist, I have also had the opportunity to connect and share with many progressive voice researchers and pedagogues.

In the end, the vocal instrument is incredibly complex involving the body, mind and soul. This complexity leads to new discoveries made and infinite variations seen, of which we need to allow for when training someone. Despite this world of infinite nuance, there is a real simplicity to be found in both coaching and in singing, starting with being authentically YOU!

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