Singing Teacher Training: Why is it important for singing teachers to engage in continual professional development?

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Why is it important for singing teachers to engage in continual professional development?

Research and methodologies within the voice pedagogy and performance sector are continually growing, adapting, and changing, and this fluidity should be reflected in singing teacher training.

One of the biggest developments within our industry in the past year, has been the increased availability of online educational classes and short courses, enabling singing teachers to develop current and learn new skills and techniques.

So why is CPD such an important aspect of singing teacher training?

It encourages open-mindedness and problem-solving skills.

As singing is such a connecting, emotional and passionate skill, the role of the singing teacher is highly involved. In undertaking CPD, the teacher can gain insight into new methods that could hugely improve their student’s performance, this may lead to an open-minded approach when facing future issues.

It can improve image.

CPD enables the singing teacher to have a wider knowledge base, which is beneficial to their students, demonstrating a higher level of skill and expertise, this in turn can be beneficial to the singing teachers’ image.

It opens the floor to communicate with experts.

CPD courses are usually led by industry experts who are fronting pioneering research within their specialised area, the outline of the courses may allocate time for questions at the end of the session. This creates the opportunity to discuss and ask the presenter questions, in an open setting.

It plants the seed of inspiration.

It is possible to find something that inspires the singing teacher to adapt their teaching technique, or even discover things that are new to them. This could lead to whole range of new fields to delve into, boosting further stimulating singing teacher training.

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