Abigail is an acting, singing and voice tutor specialising in actor training. She gained an MA in Acting from ArtsEd and is now completing an MA in Voice Pedagogy, with a focus on Performance Coaching, with The Voice Study Centre.

Abigail is interested in developing holistic, mindful based approaches to actor training.


She’s interested in how these approaches can not only positively impact a performer’s wellbeing, but also enhance an actor’s training working alongside methodologies of practitioners such as Stanislavsky and Meisner. 


Abigail enjoys working with students of all ranges of experience, especially those in pre-professional and professional training. She values performing arts as offering an opportunity for people to develop skills in communication, creativity and most importantly confidence and self-belief.

Abigail's research areas include the benefits of mindfulness in performer training, ranging from present-moment awareness to self-compassion, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Coaching.