Students and Alumni

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon is a well-known vocologist and voice instructor in Israel. She is the author of ‘LEV – Learn to Evaluate Voice’ and the founder of the Israeli Voice Association (an organization for voice professionals from the medical fields and the arts).

Aramat is one of the first 14 recognized vocologists (PAVA-RV) by the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA) in 2022 and graduated from the National Center for Voice and Speech, Utah (NCVS) in 2015. She holds diplomas from multiple vocal techniques (SLS, IVA, Estill). She developed teacher training programmes for some of the organizations she served and for her own community – LEV course (Learn to Evaluate Voice).

Aramat has presented at voice events in the USA, UK and Canada (PAVA, Voice Foundation, European Laryngological Society, ViP) and has produced local and international events, both online and in-person, for singers and voice professionals.

Aramat’s main styles of teaching include Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) and Musical Theatre (MT). She is known for her empowering and welcoming approach, but is committed to science, research and excellence both for her students and for herself.

Among many collaborations, she established the PAVA chapter in Israel, where she was Education Director for three years, and she is an active board member for Vocology in Practice (ViP). This is after a couple of years representing the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) and she still holds the highest level of certification for Speech Level Singing (SLS) in Israel. Aramat has also trained in various courses of different methods such as Estill, Laryngeal Manipulation and many more.

As a young singer, she performed in a lead role of a community production of Bastien & Bastiena (Mozart), while later she performed in Europe in choir competitions with the Tel Aviv Conservatory ‘Bat-Kol' Choir, winning first place. Her first solo and original mini album was released in 2008, after which she performed in many clubs.

Aramat continues to create music, be it for original theatre productions or simply performing in festivals (FBMC, Akko). Though her main focus has been on science and multidisciplinary collaborations in recent years, that knowledge only strengthens her sensitivity, passion and the emotional aspect of learning and encouraging positive vocal training for her clients.