Students and Alumni

Cookie Turvey

Cookie is a metal vocalist and teaches 1:1 singing, Musical Theatre Level 3, Adult Education leisure courses in singing and Music Performance Levels 1-3, as well as teaching employability skills to SEN students. They completed their BA (Hons) in Commercial Music and MA in Songwriting at Bath Spa University, and their PGCE in Further Education at the University of Portsmouth. They are still in their early career as a teacher, but they have found a passion for teaching vocals specifically, as well as teaching SEN students.

They are very passionate about LGBTQ+, and so they have a keen interest to explore more into transgender voices and learning how to help potential future students in becoming more comfortable with their gender expressions. They are also very passionate about neurodivergence and mental health, therefore they are also looking forward to researching more about how singing can help with wellbeing.

Their main interest with singing is the different vocal techniques used in metal music! They are fascinated by how it works and how such harsh sounds can be produced without damaging the voice. As mentioned before, they are a metal singer in a new upcoming band called The Lazarus Effect.