Petra Lang is considered one of the most renowned Wagner interpreters. She performed her legendary Ortrud all over the world. After starting out as a lyric mezzo, she is known for her portrayals of Wagner's heroines, and has sung roles including Brangäne and Isolde in Bayreuth, Munich and Vienna, the three Brünnhilden, Sieglinde and Fricka, Venus, Kundry and Waltraute. Her wide-ranging concert repertoire included mainly the oeuvre by Gustav Mahler.

A studied violinist and committed music teacher, she accompanied colleagues during vocal and professional crises while she was still an active singer. She recognised the need for a holistic approach early on and attended extra occupational training and courses in areas such as pedagogy, mental training, sound massage and nutrition.

She holds the Estill Figure Proficiency and is a Vocal Health Education First Aider. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she developed a BDG-certified online format with lectures on Vocal Physiology for Classical Singers, Pianists and Conductors.

She is in charge of the Vocal Master Concert teaching studio at the HfMDK in Frankfurt am Main and is a member of BDG, EVTA-Austria, NATS and DGfMM.

(Photo by Ann Weitz, Düsseldorf)

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VSC certificated student Petra Lang invited to speak at the Body, Mind & Music Symposium!

Voice Study Centre
Thursday 4th April 2024

Voice Study Centre certificated student Petra Lang has been invited to present her lecture “the view on the health of singers through the lens of the biopsychosocial model” at the Body, Mind, Music Symposium.