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Voice Disorders: An overview of common pathologies and indications for management
with Kerrie Obert
Tuesday 11th October 2022 at 7:30-9:30pm BST

Voice teachers and singers are invited to join this course to learn more about common vocal pathologies and their management.

Participants will learn the various zones of the vocal folds and how lesions within particular regions point toward (or away from)  problems with technique or overuse/misuse.

Learn when you or your student should see the voice specialist and when a second opinion is warranted.

And finally, learn about how to advocate for yourself and your students without straying from “your lane.”

If you would like a certificate of attendance for this event, please send us an email.

Kerry Obert Headshot

Kerrie Obert is a Speech Language Pathologist/Singing Health Specialist from Columbus, Ohio (USA).

She is co-founder of Integrated Vocal Pedagogy and Executive Principal of, an online continuing education platform.

Ms. Obert spent nearly 20 years working as a part of an interdisciplinary team, performing thousands of endoscopies and conducted clinical research.

She is actively involved in ongoing research to study twang, ring, false vocal folds, velum and ethnophonetics.

She has co-authored four books on the voice and has presented internationally.

Kerrie joins Voice Study Centre as a Senior Lecturer in October 2022.

Tuesday 11th October 2022
7:30-9:30pm BST

This course is free for Voice Study Centre's MA/PGCert students and £30 (VAT inclusive) otherwise.

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