Voice Workshop is Proud to Support The Musical Breath

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Over the past decade, support and research within singing for lung health has developed considerably.

In 2014 Phoene Cave (Creative Director of The Musical Breath) was commissioned by the British Lung Foundation to produce and deliver Singing for Lung Health, a singing leader training programme.

The benefits to participants of the programme include:

  • Improved breathing control and distraction from breathlessness
  • A reduction in the feeling of isolation for participants
  • Improved self-management of posture, breath and anxiety
  • Improved posturak habits through new exercises (breathing, vocal and postural)

To date, around 150 singing leaders have been trained on the 12-week programme, which was initially funded by the British Lung Foundation.

Trained singing leaders are responsible for setting up COPD groups and securing funding. The latter can prove challenging and time-consuming. Voice Workshop is thrilled to be supporting  The Musical Breath in the financing of a new Singing for Lung Health group.

We aim to link theory to practice by funding health initiatives. We are delighted to be working alongside Phoene Cave, both a leading expert and committed practitioner-researcher.

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