What qualifications do I need to become a singing teacher?

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Teaching singing is an unregulated profession and there are no set singing teacher qualifications needed. However, many modern singing teachers partake in CPD courses to expand their knowledge of voice pedagogy, which aids in developing their teaching skills and in turn, benefits their students.

While teaching singing is seen as a competitive industry, CPD training gives the teacher an opportunity to differentiate and establish themselves amongst peers and competition.

Singing teachers may develop a specific method of teaching and/or train a selective group of students (such as Classical Singers or Musical Theatre Performers).

As a singing teacher, it is important to understand the varying knowledge needed to teach different genres of singing, and with this in mind, it is deemed essential for the singing teacher to have solid knowledge of Voice Pedagogy.

Voice Pedagogy (or Vocal Pedagogy) is the term used for the study of singing, it covers the physical aspects (anatomy of the vocal folds, posture and breathing) and artistic features (vocal style and genres).

Find out more about our fully accredited MA Voice Pedagogy here.

In conclusion, there are no set qualifications needed to begin your singing teacher career, although a strong understanding of Voice Pedagogy should be regarded as necessary.

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