Navigating Singing Voice Acoustics Research: Translating Theory into Practice
with Joshua Glasner
Thursday 23rd September at 5-7pm (UK time)

This course will be recorded and sent out to all pre-registered participants to watch in their own time.
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Course Details

With the codification of Evidence-Based Voice Pedagogy, the modern voice teacher is encouraged to base voice instruction on the intersection of “teacher expertise and experience, student goals and perspectives, and relevant research into voice science and production” (Ragan, 2018).  How, then, are we to parse recent (and not so recent) literature to determine what is relevant?  How do we turn theory into practice?

This seminar will present an approach to seeking out, comprehending, and applying cutting-edge singing voice acoustics research.  It will help participants to understand:

  • The anatomy of a scholarly paper.
  • How to translate singing voice acoustics research into practice, and how to understand when doing so is not yet possible.
  • How to ask appropriate and narrow research questions specifically in the field of singing voice acoustics.
  • How to conduct rigorous research of topics related to singing voice acoustics.
  • What programs are appropriate for objective and, alternatively, subjective analysis of the singing voice.

Participants will be given access to one tutorial for each program discussed so that they can explore voice analysis tools on their own.

About Joshua Glasner

Baritone, Joshua Glasner, M.M., Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Music at Clarke University where he teaches voice lessons (CCM, Musical Theatre, and Western Classical styles), music history, musical theatre repertoire, and voice pedagogy.  He also serves on the summer faculty at Westminster Choir College’s Summer Voice Pedagogy Workshop, and has served as guest faculty for the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at New England Conservatory.  His multidisciplinary research involves broad-ranging topics ranging from historical voice pedagogy and digital signal processing to the perception of the singing voice and teaching efficacy.  Dr. Glasner’s scholarly work has been presented at various national and international conferences, and has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Voice.

Dr. Glasner holds degrees in voice performance and voice pedagogy from the University of Delaware and Westminster Choir College, a certificate in vocology from the National Center for Voice and Speech, and a research doctorate from New York University.

More information can be found on his website at

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