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Meet Our Students and Alumni - Walt Fritz

Sunday 26th February 2023

MA Voice Pedagogy student Walt Frtiz is a physical therapist and educator based in New York, USA.

His MA research focuses on topics that directly benefit his professional practice.

Walt has said that "through the MA process, I’ve been able to structure my research and writings to address the critical aspects of my professional curriculum.

The supervision and support of the Voice Study Centre lecturers have allowed me a rigorous challenge while providing flexibility to evolve my coursework throughout the program."

If you are interested in our MA Voice Pedagogy (and its super-flexible pathway!), please click here.

Walt Fritz

US-based physical therapist Walt Fritz teaches a unique interpretation of manual therapy to speech-language pathologists, voice professionals, and other related communities. His gentle, non-manipulative and interactive approach...

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Student & Alumni News

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Voice Study Centre
Friday 1st December 2023

It gives us great pleasure to share that MA Voice Pedagogy alumnus Matt Asti has recently started a new artist-lecturer role (adjunct faculty) at Moravian University, a private liberal arts university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Joan O’Malley: From MA to PhD

Jody Sparrow
Tuesday 28th November 2023

We send our warmest congratulations to MA Voice Pedagogy alumna Joan O’Malley, who in October 2023 enrolled as a PhD candidate at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) under the supervisorship of Dr Rachel Talbot and Dr Helen Lawlor!


What lies beyond independent research? (Are Research-Practice Partnerships a useful next step?)

Claire Thomas
Monday 27th November 2023

Theory, defined by Wacker (1998) as being made up of 'conceptual definitions, domain limitations, relationship-building and predictions', is an important driver of practice (Brinegar et al., 2022). Without it, practice can become dull or dangerous (Wacker, 1998). As practitioners in our field, we are...