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Sarah Mahony, MA Voice Pedagogy Alumni Has Been Published!

Friday 18th March 2022

Congratulations to MA Voice Pedagogy Alumni, Sarah Mahony, for leading the research in an article, which has been published today.

The research undertaken focused on piloting a course that enabled a singing teacher to implement Acceptance and Commitment Coaching for the treatment of MPA (music performance anxiety).

The research formed part of Sarah’s final MA project and was supervised by Dr. Dave Juncos and Voice Study Centre Director, Debbie Winter.

The authors decided to make the article open access, so please enjoy!

‘Acceptance and Commitment Coaching for Music Performance Anxiety: Piloting a 6-Week Group Course With Undergraduate Dance and Musical Theatre Students’.…/fpsyg.2022.830230/full

Sarah Mahony

Sarah Mahony is a Voice Study Centre Alumni, her MA research focused on Music Performance Anxiety and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching.

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