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Body Mapping: Unlock your Artistry

Friday 18th October 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

£30 - UK £30 - International

Our body is our instrument.  Yet we rarely pay attention to it until it doesn’t work the way we want or expect. That’s why Body Mapping is so beneficial for singers and instrumentalists.  It not only helps musicians avoid injury, but it enhances a musician’s technique.

The Body Mapping program was introduced and developed by two Alexander Technique instructors, Barbara and William Conable. They felt the musicians with whom they worked needed more information about their bodies to be able to avoid physical and repetitive-stress injuries.

Body Mapping is movement re-education for musicians, or retraining the brain. The integrity of any movement depends on the integrity of the body map that governs it. By providing musicians with anatomical information to develop body awareness when they play and sing, they can begin to recognize and release muscle tension allowing them to move beyond limitation and pain, and to fully express musical ideas through efficient, graceful, and coordinated movement.

Our body map is the physical self-representation in the brain of structure, function and size of our body parts or regions. Individual body maps are very specific, and we move according to those maps. The body moves the way the brains tells it, and the brain can only communicate what it knows from its maps. If the body map is accurate, the movement is appropriate for the physical task. If the body map is inaccurate or inadequate, movement is inefficient and potentially injury-producing. With the knowledge absorbed from Body Mapping, movement becomes more fluid, easier and more possible in every direction as the structure and biomechanics of the body are understood. This will allow the musical expression to be more free and directly connected to each artist’s individual voice.

During this workshop we will explore the 6 dynamic places of balance through diagrams, discussions, exercises, and stretches. We will learn how to carefully correct and adjust our own body maps by applying accurate physical information and by developing our kinesthetic experience.

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Jan Prokop

Jan Prokop, D.M., is the Music Theater Voice Coordinator and Adjunct Professor of Voice at Montclair State University. A founding faculty member of the Actors Studio MFA Program at the New School she later taught at CAP21/Tisch @ NYU.

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