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Demystifying Research: Evaluating the Efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method®

Thursday 17th October 2024, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (London Time)

£30 - UK £30 - International

The Feldenkrais Method® belongs to a class of somatic methods often used in the voice studio to facilitate more efficient use of the body. In this age of ‘evidence-based practice’, it is important for the studio teacher/pedagogue/performer to be able to evaluate research claims. A basic understanding of research methods and biases inherent in the research process is necessary to properly evaluate their conclusions, especially if the research findings influence studio practice.

This course will explore some of the central principles of the Feldenkrais Method in terms of the science of the mid-20th century when they were developed as well as their validation based on contemporary advances in our understanding of neuroscience. Through the lens of modern neuroscience, we will examine a few peer-reviewed efficacy studies in the light the constraints of validity, reliability and objectivity.

Research methods may vary depending on the nature of the research or research question. In broad terms, research is either Quantitative, data statistically derived from experiments or surveys, or Qualitative, based on interviews, documents, or other human interactions. Most of the research involving efficacy of learning methods are quantitative. These types of studies are very effective when dealing with cause and effect such as in chemical interactions. However, when they involve human behaviour, such as in a study involving throwing a baseball, or somatic method such as Yoga or the Feldenkrais Method®, there are often too many variables to conclude reliable recuring outcomes. Validity and reliability depend on exact replication of results. Objectivity depends on neutral metrics, usually numerical values.  Thus, many studies, as we shall see, claim that the methods studied are not as effective as claimed, because cause and effect is not easily measurable.

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Marina Gilman

Marina Gilman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana University, Master of Music degree from Ithaca College, and a Masters of Art in Communication Disorders...

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