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Exploring the Manifestation of Vocal Fatigue in Singers

Thursday 13th June 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Vocal fatigue is a highly complex, multi-faceted phenomenon that lacks a universally accepted definition in the voice literature. Vocal fatigue is frequently identified symptomatically and may impact voice quality, dynamic range, pitch range, vocal effort, and laryngeal discomfort.

Although a robust area of research, there remains much for voice scientists to discover regarding its underlying mechanisms. This course will delve into vocal fatigue research and the different ways vocal fatigue can manifest in singers.

Symptoms of vocal fatigue vary among singers and the ways in which minor vocal fatigue affects vocal performance may be very subtle. For elite level singers, temporary changes in vocal function due to even slight vocal fatigue may be unsettling and could potentially have professional implications. Dr Melissa Treinkman will share insights from her own research with classical singers and the impact of vocal fatigue on specific parts of the vocal range.

The final part of this course will be practical and interactive. Participants will learn the best ways to prevent vocal fatigue, strategies for mitigating the effects of vocal fatigue, and psychological considerations for high-level vocal athletes.

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Dr Melissa Treinkman

Melissa Treinkman, DMA, is an assistant professor of musical theatre vocal performance at the University of Southern California, where she teaches applied voice and vocal pedagogy.

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